On the Curious Comfort of having a Cold

On the Curious Comfort of having a Cold

I am currently afflicted with a cold, chills and a fever, which happens to me from time to time. It makes me sleepy, weak, and even more irritable than usual, yet at the same time evokes a sense of comforting nostalgia within me that makes me smile.

It's curious. But it stems from the fact that as a child with a slightly weaker constitution than most, I was frequently ill and homebound, and as such had to be cared for. Buried under blankets, fed chicken soup and orange juice, given all the tasty-for-children vitamins and attention one could ever hope for. (I am also intimately familiar with the taste of almost all major cough syrups but that's s story for anotehr time. My medicine cabinet still looks like I robbed the chemist's.) 

It was a physically miserable, yet mentally happy time. One feels like the centre of the world-protected and cherished. (Plus not having to go to school was nice.)

Today, I am an adult, and basically have to fend for myself 99% of the time. But still, as I burrow down under the blankets, teeth chattering with chills, knowing full well that soon I'll be frying with fever, I still somehow feel comforted, relaxed, and linked back to the gentler days of my then-not-misspent youth.

Though as I write this small entry in the hopes of providing some kind of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" moment the adult in me realises that these warm feelings are probably how M√ľnchhausen Syndrome gets its insidious start and now I've ruined it for myself.

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