• A View of the Stormfront

A View of the Stormfront

So Many puns I could have used here. “Welcome to the WHITE House” or “It’s going to be a WHITE Christmas.” But I chose a NeoNazi one because it’s more thematically apt.

When a lot of people look at this picture, they see trouble coming. A mass of self-interested, short-sighted, hypocritical holier-than-thou corporatist one-per centers who basically are giving us their best rictus grin smiles as they stand there, at the height of geriatric arousal, all a-quiver over the sheer orgasmic joy they will experience as they rise to power and strip away the rights of women, minorities, non-Christians, the educated, and suckle away the future resources of the world in their quest to make eleventy billion dollars a year instead of ten.

If this were a movie, we’d be aghast, but okay with this sight. Because we know that shortly a team of heroes will arrive to save the day, and wipe those supercilious grins off their faces, and make America– and the world safe again.

But the shit, horrific truth is, there are no heroes coming. No last minute reprieves, no Christmas miracle. The inmates have the asylum and no one is standing up to stop them.

Because, how can they?

These people were voted in. In the absence of any absolute proof that they fraudulently took power–and the system has been inherently rigged via gerrymandering, gutted voting rights laws and voter intimidation for years so while there is dirty pool at play it’s such a telescoped long game of it that it’s a technical foul at best– there’s nothing anyone can legitimately do to stop them.

The visigoths are here, at the gate, ready to desecrate the Empire.

And this is where frustration gets in.

When the Liberals take power, the worst that happens is the Rich get a little less richer, and they might have to put up with hearing about gay people getting married. When these people take over they fully intend to savage and destroy civil protections that Americans have been putting in place since 1930. They LITERALLY cannot stand people being given a helping hand by the government to survive, because it will erode their precious bottom line.

In a movie, they might get exposed by hackers, or blown up by John McClaine when they turned out to be terrorists or aliens seeking to kill us.

But in real life, these are just people. Reckless, greedy, amoral people, but just people. Unfortunately, people with an antediluvian, anti-progressive mindset that seeks to… what? Whiten America and turn it into a survival-of-the-fittest enclave for Soccer Moms?

How do you stop people like this? Vote them out, but it still means you have to endure years of them gutting everything that makes your nation great.

Exterminate them? Of course not. That just makes you as bad as them.

But therein lies the frustration. This isn’t an enemy you can literally fight. It’s not a foreign army. You can’t legislate around them because they hold all the branches of government that matter. You can’t action-movie-deal-with-them because that’s just murder.

So you’re stuck. Any moral being of conscience is literally stuck right now, like a deer in the headlights watching these bastards come up the seven hills.

And the truth of the matter is, you’ll probably survive it, America, Damaged and burnt. And in two years, assuming Trump hasn’t started a nuclear holocaust, maybe you can get the branches of government back under sane control and undo the laws they did to undo the laws that were there.

But the problem is, it’s quickly approaching a “what’s the fucking point” moment. If someone can enact Medicare and fight all odds to enact Obamacare, only to have the next administration be able to undo it, people will soon wonder what the hell the point of building anything is, if these fuckers will just swarm in and burn it to the ground.

I have no answer for you. No solution. No recommendation. But I think, if you all survive, you need to “Never again” these fuckers. Shame them, Revile them and their ways. Make it a mark of abhorrence to be associate with them and what they stand for.

And educate the younger set. These old ones are desperately trying to cling to their status as they march to the grave, and trying to gut your educational system to make sheep who will follow them because they know no better.

You have to raise kids to be kind, and not fall into the “fuck them, I’ve got mine” mentality. You have to show them that being rich isn’t all there is to life.

I get it. Some people grow up poor and frankly money is the only thing that does bring happiness in that circumstance. And they see the suffering that comes with being poor and they get into the mindset that they need more and more to get them out of that place. But teach them that at a certain point, noblesse oblige comes into play.

Fuck Horatio Alger and the Protestant Work Ethic. You owe a lot of the comforts you enjoy to the sacrifices made be the poor, the old, minimum-wage workers and veterans. You’re not adding weakness to the American Backbone by lifting up the least of you, you’re lifting everyone up. Teach kids that paying it forward is crucial in life, and god willing this will be the last generation who has to see this mass of greedy plutocrats coming over the hill.

It’s the only way forward.

Paisley P. Peinforte

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