Fun with

Fun with

Inspired by one of Ashens' Videos I went to and looked up some items. This is the result. (I'm using the American site because interestingly some of the funnier items are not on the UK localised version) 

I started with the Search Term "England": This appeared. 

I can now be the height of 1920s fashion on the beach? 

Then I saw this: 

A frankly terrifying rendition of Princess Diana, probably made of gilded lead. As toxic to us as the Paparazzi was to her. 

then this: 

One - this is not a cartoon. 

Two - this is not Harajuku style OR "Kawaii" (cute)

Three - That is the largest baby I have ever seen wearing that shirt. 

THEN I was offered this "fat woman dress" 

I feel attacked. 

I could be a "Bear leader." Is that like the Pied Piper of Hamlin but with bears? 

Oh god this was a related purchase: 

"Drilling could shoulder?" Is that supposed to mean it's the provocative dress you wear to give the cold shoulder to men interested in "drilling" you? 

This site really is a thing of wonder. 

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