Creating a Coronavirus PSA

Creating a Coronavirus PSA

Last night, I had the idea to make a PSA urging people to not stay glued to the telly and work themselves up to a panic over the Coronavirus coverage. This is how I did it.

First, I sketched the general idea (I usually don't need to do this as I keep it all in my head, but it was late and I didn't want to forget) 

Next, I determine what elements I'm going to need to make the picture: 

Then I go ahead and get the various art assets I will need and drop them in layers: 

Now the fun starts. I isolate the elements from their background: 

Then I go ahead and resize / reposition them as required to rough out the general layout of the picture: 

Next, I adjust the color tinting of the objects / add shadows / highlights as needed to match up with my inner vision of this being a dark room. I also make a gradiented  background for everything to live in - the newspaper will come in later. I also crop a bit from the woman's arm area to make it look like she's in the chair. 

Now some special effects work- I put something more relevant in the computer screen, make the virus "pop" a bit and add some light from the monitor to really draw of line of sight from it to the seated woman. 

I add in the header / footer test, which is different than my initial vision just a bit:

Now, because I want this to look like it was pulled from a magazine, I reduce the opacity of the gradiented background to show a bit of the newspaper article (because this is cheap, thin paper, see?) and then fiddle with brightness / contrast a bit. Et viola, the final product! 

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