24 September 2019: Justice comes to Helltown

24 September 2019: Justice comes to Helltown

24 September 2019.

Perhaps the day the moral arc of the universe began to bend back towards justice, bent by the persistent hand of dedicated individuals who risked safety, reputation and career to hold to account the larger-than-life criminals who sought to pervert Democracy into their own personal playgrounds of prestige and profit.

On both sides of the Atlantic, both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, the badly-coiffed, bumbling (intentionally or not) blonde buffoons who had risen to power through exploitations of the political system (Tory party nomination and Electoral votes, respectively), and who both had delighted in sticking their fingers up at the established norms of decorum and decency, were finally handed substantive slaps at the hands of the institutions they had so cheerfully sought to subvert.

Boris got unanimously rebuked for unlawfully proroguing Parliament, and for Trump, his name and the word "impeachment" finally became two terms uttered in the same breath on a national stage in the context of something more than a thought experiment.

In both cases, it took courage to act, even if, in America's case, the courage seemed slow coming. I will forever be proud that in the UK, a private citizen, Gina Miller, was able to not only bring suit to challenge the actions of the Executive, but to prevail against the Government, bringing (for the moment at least) some sanity back to Westminster.

Where this will go, I don't know- and I'm not naïve enough to declare this will lead to stunning, dramatic victories- but what I do know is that after three years of madness on both sides of the Pond, where sanity and civility and common sense, and the rule of law just seemed to be archaic concepts dying in a ditch somewhere, for once, we, the people, have some not insignificant victories and milestones to celebrate. For once the powerful and privileged are on the back foot- and, the hard work and determination of persistent resisters everywhere willing- maybe the authoritarian tide can be pushed back even further- perhaps one day even all the way back into the darkened mires of the past where they belong.

24 September 2019. The best day the world has had in a long time. May there be more to come. 

Paisley P. Peinforte

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