Workplace power Dynamics and Abusive Relationships

Workplace power Dynamics and Abusive Relationships

Having a bad boss is not like being in an abusive relationship, it is being in an abusive relationship.

I've a dear friend who is constantly subject to the capricious and illogical whims of an increasingly erratic employer, who also happens to be the sole owner of the company-someone who can be in turns insulting and at other times mindlessly ignorant, but, at the end of the day who is someone ultimately beyond meaningful reproach.

Obviously, the solution to the problem is to quit-no internal process at this company is capable of shutting down its owner. The devil, of course, lies in the details.

In this shite economy, it's not simple to pull up stakes and find another job with the same level of pay and benefits. So, for all intents and purposes, until a new line of work is found, my friend is trapped with this bastard.

And psychologically, the damage is real. Just as with an abusive partner or "friend", the mental energy this boss takes from the victim is excessive and intense due to the simple fact that, by virtue of controlling the paycheque, the employer controls all the power in the dynamic. Sleep is lost. Fear of the next tantrum is omnipresent. Waking hours out of work are spent worrying about what will happen when work is returned to. There is no "off-hour" any longer. Clocking in becomes a thing to be dreaded. Concern over the continued ability to provide for one's family and loved ones grows. Stress increases.

And there is no "way out". No "shield." Human Resources exists at the company, but it's not like they can sack the owner-they work for the owner.

What is the point of this entry? I don't know. I see his plight and I see a microcosm of the world, where the powerful run roughshod over those of lower status with nary a check against them.

It's infuriating. No person should hold that kind of power over another.

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