Wherein I recount a strange dream I had last night.

Wherein I recount a strange dream I had last night.

I'm going to recount the events of a strange dream I had last night, as it was simply so bizarre that I don't want to forget it.

for some reason my husband and I were in a very large American(?) home that was more like a "McMansion" though not quite as large. Hubby was working with Lady Perifractic from the Youtube Channel Retro Recipes on some strange documentation tasks on the behest of her father, who looked like Max von Snydow from the movie Needful Things.

Prifractic was working on digitising some kind of information by hand into old 70's style terminals, and asked him to fetch a business suit by some designer label whose lines would have to be traced into the computer somehow, but he couldn't find the appropriate item it in the closet - it had some vaguely Indian-esque brand name. As he was trying to locate it Perifractic said it was next to a suit whose colour was the complement of either red or blue, I can't recall which. This led to him asking me which colour was the complement, and I was stumped.

They then switched gears and started working on some 90's computer, taking it apart in an attempt to set up a workstation (?) That didn't seem to get far either.

Then they switched to examining a 16mm film camera belonging to Alexa Bliss of WWE. (Who would be utterly too young to have had something like this, it should be noted.)

The camera was on, but only displaying static onto a projection screen; there was some worry about trying to get the film out as it was on and running but then they reasoned, well it was broken anyway so why not - I'm not sure what they did but the film started working, displaying a very steady telecine recording of some strange colour cartoon from the 1960s, which my husband remarked was very well preserved and that Bliss had "gone hard" in being dedicated enough to hold the camera that still in order to capture the imagery in that fidelity.

The cartoon itself was like some surreal version of Ren and Stimpy but melted and very slow. The backdrops were very Spongebob Squarepants and the antics of the leads seemed very subdued to me as best I can recall.

Then, Perifractic suggests husbando go get some candy, which is being sold out of a room in their house which has been converted into a small cooled-down shoppe which was brightly lit. set up with a cash register on a counter in front of which was a nassive candy display. I believe he bought Tic-Tacs for 25 cents American.

Then, the weirdest bit. Scene switch. Perifractic is gone and her father Max von Sydow was back, and in a room with some other older gentlemen and some of his other children. He proceeded to promise everyone prsent a "good show".

Two of the children, who were of pale complexion with black, curly hair, began to change physical appearance, becoming something akin to a cross between a human and a Pokémon (I think Shaymin?) and their eyes were sunken, black-within-black.

Somehow I knew we were looking at fae or something akin to fae and we shouldn't be seeing beings like that.

The "Show" ended as they reverted to normal and nothing hostile occured.

I can't recall anything past that. 

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