These Modern Relationships.

These Modern Relationships.

This meme might seem funny, but it's true. As I said on Twitter,

"The struggle is real. Introvert goes through life having to forcibly rely only on self, and then finds succor in another and has to grudgingly admit happiness from external source is also valid and not disempowering."

When you're alone for a long time, you struggle to convince yourself that you're complete on your own. And you manage to pull it off, and be self-sufficient without issue. And there is pride in that self-sufficiency. And if, many many years later, someone comes in and completely upsets the equation, while it feels amazing and wonderful, it also feels like a betrayal of self, because on some level it feels like a subordination of the self to someone else. As if one is letting another influence them. (Which in a way it is, but obviously not without permission / moderation.)

And it stinks because you feel guilty resenting the acceptance of what really is a gift of love and attention. Having to see that it's not weakness to do so.

Human beings are complicated, is all I can say.

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