My third work,

My third work, "An Exchange of Fortunes" is out

A sharp stylistic turn from my last two works, this is sort of a distillation of all the occult and paranormal knowledge I've soaked up over the years via television, film, books and late-night radio, trying to create a different kind of scary world. I do hope people enjoy it. 

I've included sample chapters below. 

An Exchange of Fortunes

“Forty-Eight hours. A boy dies by his own hand. Stop it if you can.”

Generational curses. Demons for hire. Secrets and Sacrifices, and a battle of wits to stop an insidious Exchange of Fortunes, with only two days to sort it all out.

A young woman living in the shadow of her family's demonic curse must walk once again into the murky, mysterious world of supernatural shadows that exists alongside our own, doing battle with paranormal entities to save the life of her old friend, all the while struggling to keep her soul from falling into darkness itself.

Because in the world that lives behind our world, everything is for sale... if you've got the guts to make the deal.

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Having successfully invaded both America and Canada from her home base in Windsor, Paisley has become horribly corrupted by the world. She hates active voice and wished to god Twitter had an edit button but is now glad to be rid of that place. Dedicated to "creating the greatest 'Ship of them all", she ponders horribly terrible, idiotic things for your amusement.

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I'm a snarky, semi-horrible human being given to penning intentionally bad epic slashfiction involving improbable objects and individuals, with the ultimate ambition of befouling Kindle with it one day,which is ostensibly what this blog is for.

In practice, however, it tends to mainly be a circular file for my various thoughts and ideas, some whimsical and others not, in addition to my various Photoshop experiments, mainly collections of what I originally generated for Twitter but now do for Mastodon Threads Bluesky thanks to Twitter becoming a fascist hellscape.

I also have a sideproject doing art for my addition to Doctor Who fanon, Karnian Script which is a more sigil-based, witchy take on Galifreyan variants.