Make Discord @#$@#$ing Narrower

Make Discord @#$@#$ing Narrower

Because the Discord app takes up too much bloody space. These are instructions I found online and they do work. 

Discord has some hard-coded placements in the app, so they also put in a limit for the minimum size of the window. Well, fortunately, they also told us how to remove that in a Reddit post. You'll need to edit the settings.json file to do so. You can find this file at:

C:\Users\"Your user"\AppData\Roaming\discord\settings.json

Open the file and add


between the IS_MINIMIZED and WINDOW_BOUNDS lines.

Once you've made the changes, save the file and restart Discord (close it through the systray icon). Now you should be able to resize to however you'd like.

The only issue I've come across is the "X" is off-screen in the Settings, so I have to widen the window to click it.

Also, if you use the BetterDiscord plugin (and you should!) this is a good css theme for collapsing the sidebar.

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