I'm just done with people.

I'm just done with people.

Well, this is what they wanted.

People can dress it up by saying, "Oh, the reult of this vote was because of Jeremy Corbyn"-and yes, he was a shit choice no question-but the hard fact is people had to decide what they feared more: The chaos of Brexit and the damage it would do to the union / NHS / national character, or having to deal with a Labour government run by Corbyn, and they decided they'd rather take their chances destroying the union and letting Boris "I'm a fucking mop of sentient, misogynistic hair driving a human poppet" Johnson be leader for the next half-decade.

As has been better said elsewhere, this is no longer a question of people being sold a bill of unquanitifiable goods in an illegal referendum. The miseries of Brexit and the government's ill-preparedness to carry it out AND the fractious nature of its consequences have now been hashed out ad nausem for those who cared to listen.

And yet, even with all that, the people still chose to jump off the cliff.

This is what they wanted.

Plato never trusted the masses to run anything, favouring the concept of a "philosopher-king" to run things, and as a student I found that concept abhorrent, but honestly after last night and what happened in 2016 America (And what now, more than ever seems likely to happen again) I sometimes find myself wondering if we could do ourselves worse.

And that's how a dictatorship starts.

The fact is, though, there's no denying that either our of fear, tiredness or actual desire, I'm now surrounded by people who have just decided, "sod it all, let's reward the liars, the cheats and the racists with positions of power" and it makes me ill.

On both sides of the Atlantic it's the same bullshit. And I feel this will mean the end of the UK within the next decade, and I'll be sad for that. But so be it. Assuming we make it though this period of venal, incompetent stewardship, maybe in twenty years or so someone will once again have a "Revelation" that there's benefit to a closer union, and England / Wales(?) will choose to rejoin an EU that counts a unified Ireland and an independent Scotland as member states.

One day, if I live to see that, I'll have a bitter, satisfied laugh at it all.

For now, though, I'll just settle for being bitter for a time. 

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