Hatsune Miku x Michael Jackson = A new world

Hatsune Miku x Michael Jackson = A new world

No, this isn’t a slashfic. Though now I’m pondering it…

Consider Japan’s take on the virtual performer versus America's...

Why is the latter panned and the former not?

For one thing, Vocaloids are supposed to be all-digital, so they can be forgiven for any visual artifacting or inhabitance of the uncanny valley. Michael Jackson, plastic surgery aside, is not supposed to inhabit that space.

He’s also dead.

That isn’t to say as a performer he might not have embraced this technology– he was always on the cutting edge, and I believe would have been one of the first to make use of this. But I think had he started the project while still alive, it would be seen in a mich more positive light.

Still… the idea of a digital, immortal Michael Jackson without the unfortunate cloud of suspicion that surrounded his life, and the circus… a sort of distillation of his pure raw talent and artistic genius… I am comfortable living in a universe like that.

Are we finally in an age where we can separate the artist from his art?


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