I heard a story the other day. 

My friend's co-worker sustained an injury, causing the co-worker's spouse to miss work to tend to her husband. 

It was suggested by middle management that the company send a small (< £50) get-well gift to the worker in sympathy of her struggle in her trying time. 

This was vetoed  by upper management on the grounds that the company only sends gifts when the worker is directly injured to keep up morale, and that since, in this case, it was the worker's spouse who was the injured party, that the company would have to regretfully decline and the worker would need to provide funding for such gifts out of their own funds. 

Middle management then started its own pool amongst the workers who contributed over £350 to the worker. 

The worker, overjoyed by the display of kindness, thanked everyone profusely for their generousity and expressed her joy she was working with such kind, caring people. 

If only she knew how unkind those above her really were. That a multi-million pound operation couldn't be arsed to spare 50 quid for her in her time of grief and left it on the workers to do what was right-- to exhibit some common fucking human decency. 

And, because of politics internal, she'll likely never know. She'll go on to sing the praises of the company, and probably attract others to it, enriching bloody Ebeneezer Scrooge up top, all the while never knowing he gave less than a shit about her. 

It's infuriating. 

Paisley P. Peinforte

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