Drumpf uber alles

Drumpf uber alles

Think about it : The Drumpf family was dishonorably exiled from Germany. Trump has become a sinister Billionaire who has ascended to the height of the American Powerbase ala a Bond Villain to destroy the country from within and restore the family name all for the vision of a Deutschland that no longer exists.

It’s perfect. Too bad America doesn’t have MI6. 

Paisley P. Peinforte

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Having successfully invaded both America and Canada from her home base in Windsor, Paisley has become horribly corrupted by the world. She hates active voice and wishes to god Twitter had an edit button. Dedicated to "creating the greatest 'Ship of them all", she ponders horribly terrible, idiotic things for your amusement.

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I'm a snarky, semi-horrible human being given to penning intentionally bad epic slashfiction involving improbable objects and individuals, with the ultimate ambition of befouling Kindle with it one day,which is ostensibly what this blog is for.

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