Do it for (Her, Him, Them)

Do it for (Her, Him, Them)

You know, being young and free of responsibility and obligation is amazing. You don’t have to be beholden to anyone, and you are master of your own destiny.

Then, adulthood, and relationships and connections. A house, a mortgage, pets, maybe children. And suddenly, income isn’t disposable any longer. It’s indisposable. Because where in the past you could tell a despotic boss or manager where to shove things, now you have mouths to feed and loved ones to support. You’re needed. And you have to sacrifice. Sacrifice your time, your dignity.

There’s nothing large soulless corporations enjoy more than the fact that their workers are relatively easily replaceable cogs. If you speak up, there’s fifty young, desperate grads waiting to take your place.

And so you suffer and labour under a death of a thousand cuts as the “other duties as required and assigned” clause in your at-will employment contract is used to further and further divorce you from the actual job you signed up for, and you find yourself again doing what you sought to escape.

Because it’s not just your neck on the line, It’s the necks of your family.

And inwardly, you start to become bitter, resentful at the fact that somehow, through these twists of circumstance, you have become slaved to the whims of bean-counters and sycophants who long since let common sense or human decency far behind for the comforting arms of their corporate sinecure. That you no longer have the flexibility to say “no”– at least not without grave consequence.

Stiff upper lip and all that, they say. Bear it. Because you have no choice.

But you do have a choice. Admittedly a hard one, but it’s there. Sacrifice a little more. A little more of your free time, and find a way out. A new job, something. Apply every day, even if it’s a long shot. Make a plan. Hopefully every day you work in that slave pit you’re accreting valuable “years of experience” for the resume.

If you want a new career, figure out the credentials you’ll need to be considered for work in them. Find a way to get them. Set goalposts. Remind yourself “This is not forever, and I will find a way out”. Get credentialed. Discover the opportunities you’ll need to exploit to elevate yourself. A good way to do this it to look at the job listing for the job you want, and then break down what you’ll need in order to meet the requirements. But plan, and plot, and make that 5-year plan.

Then Execute. And Get out. And tell your shitty bosses where they can get off,. professionally of course.

Do it for you.

(Well this was more profound in my head but whatever)

Paisley P. Peinforte

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